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Things to Do in Augsburg

Venerable Augsburg was settled in 15BC; along with remnants of the ancient city wall, you can see numerous antiquities in the Römisches Museum. But even more than its status as one of the few Roman settlements in Germany, Augsburg’s glory comes from its days as a center of trade and finance which determined its current appearance. From the Gothic Catholic cathedral via the enormous Renaissance Rathaus to the Rococo palaces of the city’s more prosperous citizens, Augsburg’s self-confidence is etched in stone.

Starting at Rathausplatz, the site of a lively Christmas market, many of the city’s must-see sites can be viewed on a stroll up Maximilianstrasse. But do venture further afield to discover the Fuggerei, a “city-within-a-city” dating back to the 16th century, a progressive welfare project which continues its good deeds to this day. Afterwards, visit the house of writer Bertolt Brecht, chronicler of the doomed Weimar Republic.
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