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Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapisi)
Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapisi)

Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapisi) Tours and Activities

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Once guarding the western entrance to the ancient city of Halicarnassus, the grand Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapısı) marked the route to nearby Myndos (now Gümüslük) and remains a prominent landmark of modern-day Bodrum. Today, the peripheral walls that once ran for seven kilometers around the city lie in ruin, but the striking remains of the Myndos Gate are a lasting reminder of its former glory.

Built in the fourth century B.C., the gate was one of only two entrances to the city, which was protected by a trio of watchtowers and fronted by a 15-meter-wide moat. Unfortunately, despite its strong fortifications, the gate was breached in 333 B.C. when Alexander the Great besieged the city, and the preserved remains are now all that is left of the famous battle site.

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