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Cable Beach
Cable Beach

Cable Beach

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Cable Beach Road West, Broome

The Basics

Cable Beach is long and divided into several sections. The clothing-optional area lies north of the rocks and is also a popular spot for sunset watching in the evenings. Further south, Minyirr Park offers numerous walking trails through its red sand dunes.

One of the most popular activities on Cable Beach is a sunset camel ride, though it’s also possible to see the famed beach from above on a scenic helicopter flight. Most sightseeing tours of Broome combine a stop at the beach with local favorites such as Broome Chinatown and Gantheaume Point.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • There are a variety of restaurants and a couple of general stores on or nearby the beach.

  • Bathrooms, showers, and changing facilities can be found near the parking lot.

  • Don’t forget to bring a towel, change of clothes, and sun protection.

  • Cable Beach isn't easily accessible for those with strollers or wheelchair users.

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How to Get There

It's easy to reach Cable Beach by car and there is a good paved road leading right to the car park. The Broome Bus also stops at Cable Beach and no doubt there will also be a bus stop close to your hotel in this tiny town.

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When to Get There

The beach is rarely crowded, even during the peak tourist season of May to October when lifeguards are on duty. Visit at low tide for more space to spread out and keep an eye out for nesting sea turtles on the beach between October and February.

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Camels in Australia

One of the most enduring images of Cable Beach is of a line of camels marching across the wet sand at sunset. These camels are not native to Australia; some 20,000 of them were brought over from the Middle East in the 1800s to help facilitate cross-country travel. Once trains and roads became prominent, the camels were largely set free and today about a million of them roam the Australian Outback.

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