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Ways to Celebrate the Cologne Carnival

Ways to Celebrate the Cologne Carnival

Cologne’s Carnival is Germany’s second-most famous celebration after Oktoberfest. Nearly a million people attend the annual festivities, which kick off in November and ramp up around Lent in February. Here are a few ways to enjoy the celebration.

  • Pedal through the city center on a small-group bike tour to see where the Carnival celebrations take place, including Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral).

  • Attend one of the city’s costume balls, Fools’ Gatherings, or a parade rehearsal to get in the Carnival spirit.

  • Participate in a pub crawl to see the best of Cologne’s nightlife.

  • At 11:11am on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, kick off Carnival Week with costume parades and street parties.

  • Wrap up Carnival season at the official Carnival parade called the Rose Monday Parade (Rosenmontag), featuring marching bands, dancers, elaborately constructed floats, and thousands of costumed revelers shouting “Kölle Alaaf!”

  • Check out the year-round Cologne Carnival Museum for elaborate Carnival costumes and floats, and to learn more about the origins the Carnival (Fastnacht) origins around Easter and Lent.

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