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Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu Pyramid)
Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu Pyramid)

Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu Pyramid)

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Al Haram, Giza

The Basics

When the Great Pyramid was built, it was surrounded by three smaller pyramids, built for Khufu’s wives and sisters, as well as pits where Khufu’s solar boat (now housed in a museum) was buried. Today the pyramid is weathered with age and missing its limestone casing, but it is still an awe-inspiring sight.

The Giza pyramid complex also includes the Great Sphinx of Giza and Khafre’s valley temple. Most travelers visit with a guide. Full-day tours often stop at other ancient sites, such as Saqqara and Memphis, and some include a camel ride or a visit to Cairo’s museums. For a unique view, see the pyramids at night, when they’re lit up in a sound and light show.

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$20.00 per adult
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Fun filled day with a lot of great history
Perfect from start to the end. I was picked up at the hotel and the driver and tour guide (Omar), took me to the Pyramids first, then to Sakkara and last but not least Memphis. It was a fun day filled with a lot of history and revelations. Omar did an amazing job in explaining in a perfect way. Thank you very much!
Rade_M, Feb 2020

Recent reviews from experiences in Giza

Best Cairo Tour ever with crazy awesome photographer guide
ash960, Dec 2019
I signed up for few trips around Egypt , and Maged from Emo Tour was the best tour guide ever. He explained the Egyptology in depth, unlike other tour guides. And most importantly he is the best photographer I’ve ever seen. If you want exclusive photos with the pyramids or archeology lover, look for Emo tour Maged !
Curious35218481951, Oct 2019
All Inclusive Tour Visit Giza Pyramid With Quad Bike And Camel Ride
Excellent tour! Amazing views! Definitely worth it. Thank you Omar for being our tour guide! Excellent
Interesting experience
Catherine D, Oct 2019
Giza Pyramids Day Trip include enter inside the Great Pyramid and Solar boat
We were picked up from our hotel at 8 am by Mohamed and taken to the pyramids of Giza. As you can imagine, it was incredibly busy. Mohamed gave us a very informative talk then let us queue up to go in the great pyramid. There is plenty of opportunity for photos to be taken. Inside the pyramid, you walk upright until you get to the corridor leading up to the burial chamber, where you are crouched but not bent double and it isn't too far either. When you get into the burial chamber, it is quite roomy with the granite sarcophagus in situ. Right next to the pyramid, is the solar boat museum, which was excavated from a pit next to the pyramid and has been reassembled . The museum itself has been constructed over the pit where the boat was found. We were then taken to a viziers tomb, we then walked to a vantage point to see a view of the 3 pyramids and then went back to the car and drove a little way into the desert for an even better view of the pyramids with the desert backdrop. After that, we drove back to the funerary temple, and then onto the Sphinx. These days, you cannot get up close to the sphinx but from where you are, you can the full length in, in photos.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Steep steps and low tunnels mean you’ll need to be somewhat physically fit to explore inside the Great Pyramid. The inside of the pyramid is not suitable for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia.

  • Even if you take a guided tour, you’ll need a dedicated ticket to explore the inside of the pyramid.

  • If you want to get all three of Giza’s pyramids into one photo, you’ll need to walk into the desert; guides can help you find the best viewpoints.

  • Vendors at Giza can be aggressive, and prices are better in downtown Cairo.

  • Wear a hat and sunscreen, no matter what time of year you visit, and carry plenty of water; there is relatively little shade in the area.

  • As in any part of Cairo, women will feel much more comfortable dressed conservatively and may want to cover their upper arms, legs, and cleavage.

  • You can get a good view of the exterior of the pyramids (and the Sphinx) from a wheelchair, but you’ll need a driver to get around the site.

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How to Get There

The Giza Plateau is in a suburb of Cairo, about 8 miles (13 kilometers) southwest of Tahrir Square. The pyramids are surprisingly hard to reach by public transportation, as the nearest subway stop is miles from the site. The 355 and 357 buses run to the site from the airport, with a stop near the Egyptian Museum, but most travelers prefer the convenience of an organized tour.

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When to Get There

The Giza pyramids open quite early in the morning and operate until afternoon, then reopen in the evening for a sound and light show. If you want to look inside the Great Pyramid, arrive early (especially during high season) as numbers are strictly limited. Try to avoid the Islamic weekend (Friday through Saturday) and important Muslim holidays such as Eid.

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Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Although Khufu’s pyramid was robbed over the centuries, and his grave lacks the kinds of gorgeous paintings found in the later tombs in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, the inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza is extremely atmospheric. Low, cramped, sloping tunnels open up into vaulted spaces with beautifully-engineered granite blocks, and a rough, crudely finished sarcophagus still stands in the King’s Chamber.

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