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Things to Do in Hershey


Cullari Vineyards and Winery

Cullari Vineyards is the first and only winery in the Hersey, Pennsylvania area. Run by a couple with Italian heritage, the wines are made with respect to traditional practices. Grapes used in production include Native American (present pre-Colombus), French-American hybrid, and vinifera. Fitting with the area, one of Cullari's most popular wines is an award-winning Coco Nostra chocolate wine. This winery is one of very few in Pennsylvania to produce zinfandel, which is its single largest varietal. In total , Cullari makes more than 30 varietals including dry, sweet and semi-sweet, so there is something to suit every taste.

The vineyards are set against the rolling hills between Lancaster and Harrisburg, while the cozy tasting room offers sips of some of the winery's most unique wines, which are only available in store.

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Hershey's Chocolate World

The center of the Hershey’s Chocolate universe, the two-story redbrick Hershey’s Chocolate World delves into the company’s history, the production process and offers chocolate tastings.

But don’t expect a typical factory tour when you step inside: The official (and free) Hershey’s Chocolate World tour** whisks visitors along a route in a chocolate bar-shaped pod past model vats, production scenes and singing animatronic cows. The tour sets the stage for several additional paid attractions that allow visitors to have a ‘4-D’ mystery theater experience with Hershey’s candy characters, create candy bars with customizable ingredients or explore the nuances of their chocolate palate with tasting experts. Otherwise, much of the center is dedicated to food – there’s a food court with a chocolate bakery and milkshake shop – and Hershey’s-themed shopping with branded t-shirts, bed throws, stuffed animals and much, much more.

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