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Things to Do in Kaohsiung

Taiwan’s second largest city was once a gritty, industrial port town, but in recent years it has undergone a revitalization that makes it a must-see destination for inventive food, endless sun and some of the biggest night markets in Taiwan. The Kaisyuan Night Market—open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday—has 1,000 stalls serving an incredible variety of foods, from fried squid to papaya milk. 
From its position at the southern end of the island, Kaohsiung also boasts beautiful year-round weather. Take a ferry ride to Cijin to spend a day at the beach and sample fresh seafood along the waterfront, or opt for a walk or bike ride around Lotus Lake in the Zuoying District of North Kaohsiung, which offers glimpses of eight temples. While there you can visit the Dragon Tiger Pagodas—enter through the dragon’s mouth to explore the pair of towers before leaving through the tiger’s mouth. 
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Guanziling Hot Spring
1 Tour and Activity

Nestled among the verdant hills of southern Taiwan, Wushanto Guanziling Hot Spring offers a relaxing escape from Tainan, the former capital and bustling second city of Taiwan. From a vantage point 270 meters (885 feet) above sea level, the springs provide spectacular views of the area’s mountainous terrain and sit close to natural attractions such as Hongye Park and the Wushantou Reservoir.

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Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center
7 Tours and Activities

Once a forgotten, abandoned warehouse, this contemporary hub for art and design has become a destination for hip and cultured visitors to Taiwan. The series of shops, galleries, and cafes hosts popular exhibits, including 3D street art, automotive art, and even technological displays from gaming developers.

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Taiwan National Science and Technology Museum

The Taiwan National Science and Technology Museum offers a wealth of exhibits on Taiwanese and global themes, including climate change. Hands-on displays designed for kids include semitruck-driving simulators, an experiment zone, and a 3D theater. Adults will enjoy the insights into Taiwan’s industrial history and the science of cooking.

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