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Things to Do in Leipzig

Leipzig is located in eastern Germany in what was formerly East Germany. Evidence of the city has been documented as early as 1015, and in 2015 Leipzig celebrates its 1,000th birthday. The city is a center for culture, arts and music. It is the perfect destination for visitors who enjoy art galleries, music and theater performances. Leipzig also has a vibrant nightlife, making it popular with a younger crowd. In late November and most of December, Leipzig is a great place to be for the festive Christmas markets.

Although Berlin is most famous for the wall that separated East from West, Leipzig played a big part in initiating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the eventual reunification of East and West Germany. Weekly prayer gatherings at St. Nicholas Church eventually led to a peaceful protest by thousands of people on Oct. 9, 1989. When the authorities did not respond with violence, protests spread throughout East Germany, and a month later on Nov. 9, 1989, the borders were open.

A few other important attractions in Leipzig include the Old Town Hall from 1556, St. Thomas Church and Bach Museum, the Leipzig Museum, and a variety of art and history museums. There are several walking tours and food tours as well.
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