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Things to Do in Montepulciano


Temple of San Biagio (Tempio di San Biagio)
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Just outside the old city wall of Montepulciano, on a Tuscan hill surrounded by trees, is the stately Temple of San Biagio (Tempio di San Biagio), a 16th-century Renaissance church. Admired for its beauty, the church's picturesque, cream-colored travertine exterior gives way to an elegant and airy interior, with pastel-colored walls and a legendary, 14th-century fresco, said to have been the site of a miracle when the Madonna in the painting was witnessed moving her eyes in the 16th century. The church was then rebuilt in Renaissance Greek style.

For many, the main appeal of the Temple of San Biagio is the view of the church from afar, when its marble facade catches the sunlight, setting the church aglow amid the surrounding forests and fields. For others, the view is even better with wine. Visit the church on a full-day, wine country tour from Florence, to pair your cultural experience with included wine-tastings and lunch.

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