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Things to Do in Negril

Negril entices visitors with its stunning Seven Mile Beach, which actually only stretches across four miles of Jamaica’s westernmost shores. (But it’s gorgeous, so we’ll forgive the misnomer.) Guided half- and full-day tours let you experience the island’s tropics by foot, horseback, cruise, ATV, and zipline, with something for every level of adventurer. Tour the West End area of Negril’s steep cliffs to observe the dramatic crashing turquoise waves and fiery Caribbean sunset. Take a food tour of Negril to get a taste of the region’s freshly caught fish, famous jerk chicken, and the Jamaican patty (a pastry filled with seasoned beef). Cruise the coast on a daytime tour from Rick’s Café, and sail on a luxury catamaran with an experienced crew, then snorkel among live coral reefs and schools of tropical fish as reggae music plays on board. Water sports’ lovers will want to book a jungle river tube tour to get on top of the crashing waters, or on an ATV tour to ride through Sandy Bay past farming villages and citrus groves. Add on a traditional Jamaican lunch to make your day complete. Day trips from Negril lead you to dramatic YS Falls for swimming; or grab a seat on a pontoon boat on the Black River; join a trek up Dunn’s River Falls, or tour Nine Mile, Bob Marley’s childhood home.
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Rick's Café
109 Tours and Activities

A local institution, Rick's Cafe was the first public bar and restaurant of its type on the West End cliffs.

Opening its doors in 1974 when Negril was still a sleepy fishing village, Rick's is now a popular spot to view the sunset, which regularly provokes a round of applause from an appreciative crowd.

It's a touristy but laid-back spot on cliffs that plunge 33 ft (10 m) into the ocean. Local cliff divers and foolhardy visitors often make the jump from several platforms into the sea below.

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Seven Mile Beach
49 Tours and Activities

Seven Mile beach is 11 km (6.75 mi) of golden sandy loveliness. It's a paradise setting of azure waters, soft, warm sand and palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, things you take in all before you see the resorts, the hustlers and the (gasp!) nudity.

Seven Mile beach maybe one the best beaches in the Caribbean (as voted by several travel publications) but it is also one of the most hedonistic. Topless sun baking is a given along its entire stretch and there is even a section (and several hotel-specific beach sections) for those chasing an all over tan.

Resorts line the beach and everything is on tap to indulge your every whim. If you can tune out (or embrace) the hawkers, constant reggae and exhibitionists, then this may just be your idea of paradise. More conservative-minded folk and families seeking a little more solitude and a tad less nudity may wish to park their beach towel elsewhere.

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Black River
40 Tours and Activities

The Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica and flows west for 33 miles until it empties into the sea. The name derives from the river’s dark riverbed, which has obtained its hue from thick layers of decomposing vegetation that has stacked up over the years beneath the water. The Black River is easily accessible from the popular vacation spot of Negril and provides several different activities to fill a day with fun during your vacation in Jamaica.

Tubing and kayaking down the Black River are adventurous ways to experience the rapids here, and with the thick rainforest trees and plants surrounding the water, you’ll feel like you’re twisting and dipping your way through a tropical paradise, all while getting an adrenaline rush.

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Negril Cliffs
9 Tours and Activities

Even by themselves, the black hued cliffs outside of Negril are natural sites to behold. Rising 40 feet above turquoise waters and pockmarked by sea caves and coves, the cliffs form a defining natural icon for Jamaica’s far western coast. It isn’t just their beauty, however, that draws visitors here in droves. Rather, it’s the deep waters immediately offshore and the presence of cliffside beach bars—which all combine to form perfect conditions for throwing yourself off the edge. The cliff diving here on Negril’s cliffs is some of the world’s most famous, where locals and visitors regularly drop over 40 feet down to the sea. Professionals will often put on shows and perform daring flips and flops, and occasionally visitors will join in the show in a fit of Caribbean bravado. The cliffs are a popular spot for snorkeling tours to stop en route from the dive site, and are a short distance from the laidback guesthouses towards the southern end of Negril.

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Negril Lighthouse
9 Tours and Activities

Lighting up the westernmost point of Jamaica, Negril's Lighthouse stands at 20 meters (65 feet) tall and is one of the earliest concrete lighthouses, having warned ships away from the promontory since 1894.

Originally powered by kerosene, the Lighthouse switched to solar power in 1985 and flashes every two seconds.

You can still climb its 103 steps today for unparalleled views over the Caribbean. It's a popular spot at sunset.

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