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Koʻolau Range
Koʻolau Range

Koʻolau Range

Oahu, Hawaii

Practical Info

Several driving and helicopter tours take in Ko’olau Range scenery. Should you choose to get up close and personal with the Ko’olau Range via a hike, however, it’s important to note that several historically popular trails navigating the summit ridgeline—including Stairway to Heaven off the Pali and the Tom Tom Trail behind Waimanalo—are now considered dangerous and may be closed. Safer alternatives that still pack the scenic punch include the 1-mile roundtrip to the Pali Puka (hole), a wind-battered hole through a stone wall from the Pali Lookout, and the challenging 11.6 mile round trip hike on the Manana Trail following the Ko’olau ridgeline above the Pacific Palisades; the trailhead is off Komo Mai Drive.

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