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Kohama Island (Kohama-jima)
Kohama Island (Kohama-jima)

Kohama Island (Kohama-jima) Tours and Activities

Rolling hills and uninterrupted views set Kohama Island (Kohama-jima) apart from others in the Yaeyama archipelago. Travelers can wander grassy passes and shaded trails to two of the island’s most popular lookouts—Chura san’s Point and Ufudake. Locals say Chura san offers some of the best views in the region, but travelers agree that the view from atop Ufudake, where the whole of Kohama can be seen, is equally incredible.

Just like other nearby islands, Kohama is home to some beautiful beaches, including a long stretch of sandy shores called Haimurubushi. Visitors love that its clear waters are protected by jellyfish nets, but avid snorkelers say this means underwater wildlife leaves something to be desired. Still, wet and wild visitors can rent masks and jet skis — or opt to chill out on the shores in comfortable chairs under the shade of giant umbrellas.

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Kohama Island, Japan

Tours and Activities to Experience Kohama Island (Kohama-jima)

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