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Things to Do in Ontario - page 5


Canada's Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is Ontario’s premier theme park with over 200 attractions, 68 rides, Splash Works, great live shows and more. Due to the number of roller coasters--sixteen in total-- and known for premiering a new ride every year, Wonderland is known as one of the top roller coaster destinations in the world.

You can guess the type of popular rides through their names: The Bat, Skyrider, Top Gun, Vortex, Drop Tower and The Behemoth. The Leviathan is Wonderland’s latest attraction and Canada’s tallest and fastest roller coaster to date. Riders climb to riders climb to a record breaking 306 feet (97.7 metres) followed by an exhilarating 80 degree drop!. Dinosaurs Alive! is a seven acre dinosaur park, which was introduced in 2012, features more than 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and an interactive dig site.

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