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Vucciria Market (La Vucciria)
Vucciria Market (La Vucciria)

Vucciria Market (La Vucciria)

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Piazza Caracciolo, 1, Palermo

The Basics

The name “La Vucciria” comes from the Sicilian word for “voices,” a reference to the noise level in this busy street market. In addition to the seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, and street foods that have been the staples of the Vucciria Market for hundreds of years, vendors also sell a huge variety of other products to stock your pantry or even your home. You’ll find everything from pasta and herbs to cheap clothing and CDs.

Unique ways to experience the neighborhood feel of Sicily’s vibrant capital city include seeing this colorful street market as part of a market food tour, Palermo walking tour, or Palermo bike tour. Guided walking tours highlighting traditional Palermo street food almost always include a stop here, as well as at the city's Ballarò and Capo markets.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • The heart of this Palermo street market is Piazza Caracciolo in Palermo's old city center, a good place to begin your stroll.

  • La Vucciria, like all of Italy's outdoor food markets, is a fantastic destination to snap photos, so be sure to bring your camera.

  • Market tours through the open-air Vucciria Market are on foot, so wear comfortable shoes and a sun hat.

  • As at any busy outdoor market, it’s best to keep your belongings safe as you wander.

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How to Get There

The market is located in the historic center along Via Roma, la Cala, il Cassaro, Via Cassari, Piazza del Garraffello, Via Argenteria Nuova, Piazza Caracciolo, and Via Maccheronai—an easy walk from any of the city's main sights.

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When to Get There

The market is open Monday to Saturday from dawn until roughly 2 pm. Arrive in the morning when you can see it at its bustling best.

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Vucciria Market in Art

The Italian artist Renato Guttuso painted his famous Vucciria di Palermo, depicting the cheerful market stalls, in 1974. It now hangs in Palermo's Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri.

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