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Joan of Arc Historial (Historial Jeanne d’Arc)
Joan of Arc Historial (Historial Jeanne d’Arc)

Joan of Arc Historial (Historial Jeanne d’Arc)

Opened in 2015, the Joan of Arc Historial (Historial Jeanne d’Arc) is an interactive history exhibition that commemorates one of Rouen’s most famous trials (and heroines). Housed in the city’s centuries-old Archbishop’s Palace, where Joan of Arc’s trial was held in 1431, the museum invites guests to interact directly with her legacy.

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7 Rue Saint-Romain, Rouen, Normandy, 76000

The Basics

Featuring interactive screens, lights projections, 3D installations, and other modern features, the Joan of Arc Historial (Historial Jeanne d’Arc) is not a traditional museum—even though it is located in one of Rouen’s key historical landmarks. The multimedia displays will immerse you in Joan of Arc’s life and time and invite you to serve as both an actor and a judge in her trial. Museum tours also take you to several of the Archbishop’s Palace’s key rooms, from the Aubigné Chapel to the Salle des Etats.

To make your visit as seamless as possible, pre-book tickets online to guarantee admission. You can also purchase a ticket that combines a visit to the museum with a trip to the nearby Panorama XXL (a popular 360-degree artwork).

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • The Joan of Arc Historial is a great attraction for history buffs and for families with older children.

  • Tours are presented in French, but audio headsets offer narration in eight languages.

  • The entire multimedia tour is accessible to wheelchair users, though some heritage areas of the Archbishop’s Palace can only be accessed by staircase.

  • An on-site gift shop offers all manner of themed souvenirs.

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How to Get There

The Joan of Arc Historial is located in the Archbishop’s Palace, in the heart of Rouen’s medieval quarter. The museum is just a 15-minute walk or 5-minute taxi trip from the Gare de Rouen (the city’s major train station) and can also be reached via the city’s Metro (use the Théâtre des Arts station).

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When to Get There

The Joan of Arc Historial is open all year round, Tuesday through Sunday, from morning to evening. The museum closes for a short break at midday.

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Other Joan of Arc Sights in Rouen

Rouen has a variety of local landmarks and monuments connected to Joan of Arc’s life. After visiting the Joan of Arc Historia, visit the Place du Vieux-Marché, where the now-canonized Joan was burned at the stake, and admire the modern church of St. Joan of Arc, which stands on the site. You can also get a peak at the Tower of Joan of Arc, the remains of a medieval castle where she was held after her trial.

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