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Things to Do in Side

Side is a seaside resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, which was most likely settled in the 7th century B.C. by the Greeks. It is located about 47 miles east of Antalya on a small peninsula, and close to the town of Manavgat where you'll find the Manavgat Waterfalls. There are two main beaches, one on either side of the peninsula. The western beach is where you'll find the majority of the hotels and restaurants. The eastern beach is much quieter due to an archaeological site. Ancient fortification walls add to the charm of this fishing village. Boat rentals, diving, snorkeling, and other typical aquatic activities are available here as well. Between the beach and the laid-back nightlife, Side makes a pleasant vacation spot.

Besides beach activities, Side offers opportunities for exploring history by visiting ruins in and around the town. There are temples of Apollo and Athena, Side's patron goddess, the remains of the facade of a library building, and Roman bath ruins. The nearby ancient town of Aspendos is worth visiting for its amazingly well-preserved theater. If you're looking for an indoor activity, the Side Museum, housed in a restored Roman bathhouse, holds archaeological artifacts from the region.
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Manavgat Waterfall (Manavgat Selalesi)
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The Manavgat River runs down from the Taurus Mountains all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s most scenic spot is the Manavgat Waterfall (Manavgat Şelalesi). Just outside of Side, the low, wide falls make a stunning backdrop for photos and serve as a popular recreation area, with visitors coming to swim, picnic, or cruise along the river.

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Temple of Apollo
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The most strikingly situated of Side’s ancient ruins, the grand Temple of Apollo stands perched on the edge of the historic town, overlooking the Mediterranean. Dating back to the second century AD, the temple was believed to have been a gift from Anthony to Cleopatra and still has five of its original Corinthian columns, towering over the seafront.

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Side Museum (Side Muzesi)
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In ancient times, Side was an important trading port on the eastern Mediterranean and by the sixth century BC, hundreds of Greek merchants had settled in the coastal town. It was still flourishing when the Romans gained ascendancy in the Med, and many of the ruins now excavated in Side date from around 100 AD–199 AD, bearing both Greek and Roman architectural characteristics.

Today it is a small beach resort sandwiched between its hillside Roman theater and a recreated Temple to Athena, whose columns stand guard by the harbor. Side Museum (Side Müzesi) is located in a Roman marketplace and baths complex that was built around the fifth century AD and converted into a museum in the 1960s. The ancient finds of weapons, sculpture – including torsos and animals dating from Greek to Byzantine times – sundials, tombs and mosaic fragments are all beautifully displayed in a series of halls that once housed the various steam rooms and pools of the Roman baths.

Along with the classical Greek remains uncovered at Seleukeia, there are further Roman ruins in the region including vast stone theaters at nearby Olukköprü and Selge, plus a 30-km (18.75-mile) water system complete with aqueducts and tunnels.

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